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Toss another on the BBQ pit

Story Or Series Title: System Shutdown
Culprit Author's Name: Sp00ky

Full Name (plus titles if any): Trinity and Neo, although their ooc-ness should have a category all their own.
Full Species(es): Both are freed humans
Special Possessions (if any): A motorcycle of Lurrrrve

Annoying Origin: n/a
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: They are 'canon' characters, but this example is more like a canon Mary Sue
Annoying Special Abilities: Ability to have foreplay on a motorcycle.
Other Annoying Traits: n/a

The "Plot": Neo and Trinity do the horizontal mambo in the Matrix, because apparently, Agents wont kill people who are making sweet love on a motorbike. And Morpheus and Link are watching (sort of) *coughVoyeurscough* Then we find out that their similtaneous (of course) orgasms short circuit the Matrix, letting them free many people. Neo always was a multitasker.
Best Line: "He thought the two were in trouble, as did Morpheus, until the Captain peered more closely at the dripping green coding. Smirking, Morpheus reassured Link, "They're fine. Just making up for lost moments, is all." He said, cryptically, crossing his arms and heading back to the cockpit."

The Best of this Epic Saga continues

Link had been dozing off when a frantic beeping noise came from the screens in front of him. At first, Link thought it was the monitor's that measured Neo and Trinity's heartbeats and brain waves. Trinity's heartbeat had sped up alot, as had Neo's, but it wasn't that. That's when Link noticed the change in the coding. It had sped up, moving so fast down the screen that it was a blur, like when Morpheus and Neo had been sparring, back when Neo had just been freed, or like when Neo did his Superman thing.Or when he was just finishing his hot wild monkey sex

Before Link could call for Morpheus, something strange happene to the code and it disappeared for a second, leaving the monitors blank. Then, when it came up, Link knew what had happened. Something had short circuited the Matrix.

"Shit Goddamn..." he murmured, swivelling his chair around, and ditching his headset. He ran down to the cockpit. No sign of Morpheus, shit!I think the author is having speaker issues. Or at least grammar isses Then Link headed for the Mess Hall, and found Morpheus playing Solitaire with the deck of cards that was always in the roomCause Morpheus always slacks off on the job. "Morpheus, you won't beleive this, but the Matrix was short circuited!" Link explained, excitedly.Oh my god we may have lost Neo and Trinity, because theyre connected to the Matrix temporarily! How exciting!1!1one11! Morpheus stood up. "Show me," and followed Link back to the control station.Morpheus) I must get around to confiscating Link's 'shrooms before something really bad happens

Putting his headset back on and reclaiming his chair, he pointed at the screens, where the code was a mere trickle, and very dim.

"I'll be damned." Morpheus said, looking amazed, which was a shock to Link. Morpheus had only two facial expresions: his usual, multi-purpose expression and his expression of pain, which was only seen when he was shot by an agent or something.Ouch. Poor Morpheus, he never gets enough lurve. I wonder how the author thinks Morpheuslooks when he gets laid . Hmmm, pain face or multi-purpose? So hard to choose!

And that, ladies and germs, is all. Be sure to check back for the rest of this epic, compelling saga of OOC-ness and matrix voyeuristic sex.
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