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Toss another badfic on the barbeque!

Story Or Series Title: Another Chance
Fandom: The Matrix
Culprit Author's Name: Kenora Hazel Saul

Full Name (plus titles if any): Anastasia
Full Species(es): Unplugged human
Hair Color (include adjectives): Black, or rather errant ebony hair, or short jet hair
Eye Color (include adjectives):cerulean, silver blue
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None noted
Special Possessions (if any): She makes love to Neo in her dreams, apparently.

Annoying Origin: She's Trinity reincarnated. *pukes*
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She's chanelling Trinity, and having sex with Neo in her sleep.
Annoying Special Abilities: The innate ability to fuck and sleep at the same time.
Other Annoying Traits: She has a knack of calling on Morpheus at very unfortunate times

And yes, I am a newbie. *waves* Hi!

( Please include a small sample of the worst of this story )
The Worst of this Story.

She walked over to a group of people sitting at a table to introduce herself.Hi! I'm a random poddie! They stared at her, some of them looked shocked.

“Hi, my name is Anastasia, I’m new here, I just wanted to introduce myself.” Self-consciously, she tucked a lock of errant ebony hair behind her ear.Not black, ebony! Get it straight! Her cerulean eyes assessed their reactions. Obviously they weren’t that interested in meeting her. She backed off and walked over to sit by the bar.

The bartender set a pint of Zion’s special beer-flavored brew in front of her. “You look like her, that’s why they’re acting so weird.”

“I look like who?” Anastasia sipped some of her brew, and grimaced at the metallic taste as she swallowed.I wish it was poison

“Trinity.” The bartender said quietly. Of course! Who else! It has to be Trin or else she wouldnt get to bang Neo

“Wasn’t she….?” Anastasia trailed off.

“She was Neo’s other half, his soul mate. It’s said that she would come back and when she did the One would come back too.” The bartender told her.

Anastasia’s eyes widened at what she’d just been told. She looked around the room and watched the crowd in the corner whisper and look at her.

She swallowed the rest of her brew, thanked the bartender and walked out of the bar. Walking down the deserted hallway, she made her way to the elevator. She hit the up button that would lead to her Morpheus’s quarter and some answers.Awww, poor widdle n00b is confused and needs the guidance of her mentor, Morphie!


Was she Trinity resurrected?
No, cause you'd think Trinity would channel through someone sane,like Ghost, if she really wanted to speak to people. But of course, she doesnt, and the author just wants to bang Neo.Or Keanu, cause I doubt she knows who Neo is, and all she knows is Keanu iz sooooOoo hott!one!11!
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