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Funny Fic Quotes

Because I figured we all need a laugh, I challenge people to look into a Matrix fic anywhere and pull out what they think was the funniest/silliest/batshit/wtf/lol line they could find. Here's mine!

“He left me!” she sobbed into her pillow…. “Jason dumped me!”she screamed making you feel a bit….sad you ran over to her and put your arms around her….

“awww Niobe!”you said rocking her back and forward ash she sobbed into your shoulder hysterically

“he…he said that I seemed to love morpehus more than him!” she said crying even more…

“well isn’t that true?”you said raising your eyebrows at her…

“well yes but he wasn’t supposed to know that..”she said blushing…

Now get some quotes! It'll be the zaniest meme ever!
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