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Because everyone knows that canon characters aren't complete without ultra-perfect younger siblings!

Story Or Series Title: Intertwining Worlds
Fandom: Matrix
Culprit Author's Name: Japan-Chick
Full Name (plus titles if any): Nicky aka The Hacker Sky
Full Species(es): Human (so far)
Hair Color (include adjectives): "Short black hair"
Eye Color (include adjectives): "Blue eyes that had a license to kill"
Unusual Markings/Colorations: none
Special Possessions (if any): none
Annoying Origin: The One's mother's womb.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She's Neo's kid sister who learned everything about hacking from him and has been looking for him ever since he disappeared a month ago.
Annoying Special Abilities: t3h 1nf4m0u5 l337 h4xx0r who "could hack anything and everything."
Other Annoying Traits: Agents are following her, and she knows they're not registered with any police, FBI, or CIA station in the world. She also has recurring dreams about the real world and draws pictures about it.
Best Line: Nicky was always a rather gal for black, gothic much to herself. With blue eyes that had a license to kill, and short black hair. Now 18 and 5’7, she takes Kong fu classes, and enjoys night walks. Romantic candlelight dinners, cuddling by the fireplace, long walks on the beach...

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story: Gah. It's so short...

Nicky picks up and listens as a voice says in a low tone... ‘Get out of there, Agents are coming you must go before they catch you! Now! Go to the basement window, open it when I say go you go got it!...’ Nicky had gone to the basement window and had seen one of the agents coming. So slowly she opened the window.

Then she heard the voice say sternly go to the next pay phone down the block and pick it up when the phone rings. Now GO!’ She hurried out the window across the lawn staying low. Then ran her ass off to the pay phone just when it rang once.

‘Meet me in the next ally over I will take you inside. I only want to tell you the truth. GO!’ Nicky dropped the phone and ran to the next ally over. There she seen a women in a black cloak. She approached her cautiously.

*skip, skip, skip*

There sat one of the people she’d been searching for all this time... Morpheous.

‘Please Sit, there is a lot to tell and not much time,’ he gestured to a chair in front of him. So Nicky sat.

‘First of all your Brother is fine, he is back on the ship with Tank and Switch. Second of all you are wondering why you are here but you already know, don’t you?’ Nicky nodded. ‘Well then down to the truth, you want to know why the agents are fallowing you, and why you always think as if you are dreaming. I can answer both.’ He said slowly.

‘Please go on,’ Nicky said grimly.

‘Agents are after you because you are an important pawn in this game of there’s. You’re the One’s Sister... And the other question is just as easy you think as if your dreaming because you are. You are in the Matrix. It was a perfect world designed to make humans happy and peaceful but the machines took over and the world became a war zone. That is all I can tell you right now.’ He said holding out a red and blue pill.

*skip, skip, skip*

Nicky looked at the person who just told her that her world was just a dream world nothing more... The truth? She needed the truth.

But the blue pill was so reassuring. Slowly she reached for it. It was in her hand............

Her choice......... the blue pill???

And that's the end of the chapter. But don't worry kids! I'm sure Neo, Trinity and Co. will come back and pull her out! She has to be unplugged. She's a Sue.
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